Here I will document a tool I wrote to make life easier as a Pen Tester and sometimes even as a Red Teamer.


After a pen test engagement has been scoped and the details for the test have been confirmed, access testing is executed. It is the tester(s) responsibility to confirm that network access to the given target IP ranges are in fact reachable. To test if access has been properly given, the tester must attempt to traverse each IP range and touch at least one host inside each range. If at least a single host is reachable then you…


In our modern era, one of the most prevalent threats to the computing world is ransomware. Ransomware is a form of malware that, once executed, encrypts files and the victim’s attached network shares (Columbus, 2019). Once the files and connected network shares have become encrypted, the victim is presented with a ransom note that generally states for a payment to be made in exchange for the private key to decrypt the victim’s data. This attack is crippling to victim organizations that need access to their files and data to maintain daily operations. The disruptions from ransomware can cost companies millions…


In this article, we will review the difference and distinctions between Pen Testing and Red Teaming. Terminology in the world of Cyber Security can be daunting even for the gifted. Trying to chug the waterfall of acronyms can make one’s brain feel as though it could explode. There is no wonder why confusion exists around Cyber Security and the meaning of words in relation. One of the more critical misunderstandings around offensive security, in my opinion, is the often-dubious use of the term “Red Team.” The name is often used in the colloquial sense to mean “any Cyber offense role,”…


Attack all the things! A decade of Cyber experience focusing on Penetration Testing and Red Teaming. I hold multiple college degrees and certifications galore.

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